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Die Risikowahrnehmung des Rodelns 5 Monate 8 Stunden her #18407

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"I remember there was a racetrack in Welschnofen nova levante. I did some runs there. It seems that is the schwarzsee track now, the drawing of the track in the map is not correct, but in google maps the forest road beneath the franzin lift is easy to find. It is not a racetrack anymore, if it still exists it will be with snow" .

Welschnofen racetrack is still there and starts from the top of the beginner skiers skilift in Paolina area and ends close to Moseralm restaurant/Hotel. the problem of this track that is available in very few cases: enough natural snow, but not so much because nobody will prepare the track. Also, whole middle section, after the nice turns just after the start, and the kehre series before the finish is very flat and slow because snow is usually too smooth
This is me some years ago in the final kehre section:

If there are no strong reason to prepare a track (ticket to be paid, Malga to be easily reached (and spend money eating) or structures to be served (for example, top station of a lifl) nobody spend time and money to do this job.

about Winterwanderweg, the prblem is always the same and not only the needs to call asking for conditions:
during weekends is too risky and stressing run along these tracks. you can meet too many pedestrian, babies, dogs, etc etc
Also, a risk to meet a snowbike, or even cars, las said by the two guys in the video of LiegAlm.
I dont' have, as UtahRodel, an "apripista" (Vorlaufer?) that goes down in advance that warns about my coming.
These tracks are ideal out of holidays (Christmas and Carnival) and weekends, Impossible for me and everybody with sons in school age.
It is a pity because I usually like hike with my sled and come down sledding (Val Venegia in Paneveggio natural park is one of my favorite track)

About traveling far searching for new rodelbahnen, the problem is again what everybody underlined in this topic.
Since, are available, inside a skiresort, only one, maximum two rodelbahnen, with also the limit that can be fully enjoied only for 2, max 3 hours, because of rentals, because of race line as you mentioned before that is destroied in few hours, is not worth traveling for 4/5 houres (two ways of course). When I was going skiing from Milano to Switzerland or Aosta valley, for a one day ski, it was normal to travel for this number of hours, but, I could enjoy a full day on ski with several different tracks.
Winter and water sports

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Die Risikowahrnehmung des Rodelns 4 Monate 4 Wochen her #18408

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There is a clip of the old racetrack in Canale d Agordo.
World Cup 1999. Probably the track is a ghost today like Welschnofen.

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